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Our Strength


Our Strength:

At SKR Enterprise, we possess a robust infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including fully automated machines. With a focus on strict quality control, we have a highly trained and skilled workforce. Our manufacturing facility is furnished with the necessary tools and equipment to produce superior-quality products for our clients. Additionally, we have a large production capacity, enabling us to ensure timely and flexible delivery. Our Plant is Situated within a lush green campus adorned with mango trees; our facility offers basic amenities that foster business growth.



With our extensive experience and expertise in the technical textile field, we have catered to the needs of over 250 reputed clients. We have supplied quality products and services to various industries, such as cement, paper, steel, ferroalloys, chemicals, food processing, power, textiles, pharmaceuticals, asphalt, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and others. Many of our clients are industry leaders, and we take pride in contributing to their success and growth.

In addition to our significant presence in the domestic Indian market, we export our products and services to countries like Nepal, Bhutan, East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania), Gulf countries (United Arab Emirates/Dubai), and others.


Quality Assurance Plan (QAP):

At SKR Enterprise, we have implemented a stringent quality policy to ensure that our filter bags, filter cages, and filter cartridges meet the rigorous emission control standards, provide optimal differential pressure drop, and achieve the desired product lifespan. Our products have gained global recognition and acceptance due to their consistent quality, resulting in repeat orders for process bag houses.

We have well-defined steps in place to measure quality control, from the beginning of production until packaging. Our dedicated quality team ensures that each stage of the manufacturing process adheres to specified dimensions, fabric quality, workmanship standards, and filter bag fitment. We maintain detailed records of all quality checks to uphold the highest standards and ensure customer satisfaction. Our production processes are highly efficient, resulting in minimal waste or rejection of filter bags.

To further ensure quality, we offer third-party Indian NABL laboratory testing for our various filter media batches, as well as testing for residual filter bag life and bag analysis in case of any issues.

We have received appreciation letters, performance certificate and undergone third-party audits/ vendor evaluation, which can be shared upon request.

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